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Hello to all Musicians,

Many people try to learn and understand how to use  their DAW, Midi or VST by trial and error, visiting forums, reading the manual or tutorial, and watching YouTube how-to videos. Each of these methods has its benefits. If you want quick results there is nothing like a one to one tutoring from an expert. Some professional tutors offer structured lessons and others work on a question and answer format. Whichever the means you will save yourself many hours of frustration and pick up techniques that you many never have found from other sources.

If you are looking for a computer music tutor
the list below is the most complete online

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Take Note:

1. The list of professional tutors, teachers and consultants for DAW's, VST's and everything tech and digital primary software but computer and hardware are often included. Here I try to avoid music teachers.
2. Please send feedback so comments about your experiences with the tutors listed below.
3. If you have a tutor to recommend or you are one and want your name added to the list please email the pertinent information. It is free to list.

How to connect with a tutor located outside your city.

The tutors listed here are likely not your neighbors so to connect use TeamViewer and it is as good as if the tutor was sitting next to you. It is that good! The tutor will be able to view your screen(s) and interact with you visually and simultaneously by phone. There are other desktop streaming clients including Skype and iChat that may be as good but TeamViewer has been easy to use and setup.

Some tutors may not be aware of remote tutoring. If you call explain that even though you live out of the tutors area you can use Teamviewer to communicate. You may give them the link to this page.

TeamViewer is free:

The descriptions of the professional tutors provided here is very limited. Often the tutor can help you with Midi, Composing, Recording, Production, Mixing, Mastering, Computer configuration and Troubleshooting. Some also offer structured digital music lessons. I found that that these people are easy to talk to and seem to have an eagerness to help. So give them a chance and spend some time interviewing them so you will get an idea the area of their expertise and how they can help. Some offer a short sample of their tutoring for free.

Payment for service is usually made through PayPal. Some Tutors prefer that you send as gift to avoid commissions. All tutors are based in the USA unless otherwise noted.

My most current list:

Charlie Parks, 813-508-5555, $25/hour - Very good with Cubase, voice, mixing, mastering, etc.

Tony 619-341-4551, $30 to $40/hour. Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live, Reason, Sonar.

Jim Leretangeli, 727-656-7190, $40/hour – DAW’s and computer

Jonny, 813-325-9793, $20/hour. Great with Ableton Live, mixing and mastering.

Jeronimo, 510-559-0143, $20/hour. Good with Cubase

Try also:

George York, YRS MIDI SYSTEMS  407-331-6333  Orlando, Florida, $50/hour. In business since 1989. Expert Cubase tutor, music theory and custom digital audio workstations. See videos: , , skype: yrsmidi ,  

Steve Waide, 678-908-2275, $50/hour - Specialize in Cubase and Pro Tools, recording, DAW setups, optimizations and troubleshooting and More

Don Washington, 510-725-9703, $40 /hour using TeamViewer. Mac and PC.  Pro Tools, Presonus Studio One, Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, Reason, Acid Pro, Maschine, Komplete, Learn recording, editing, mixing, and mastering techniques. Specializing in voice talent, music production, and sound design of all types.

Ilya Vokhmin, 951-259-1317, $25/hour - Ableton Live, FL Studio, Reason, Pro Tools, Logic, Sound Synthesis, Composition, Mixing, Recording. See his YouTube videos.

Guillermo, 310-489-3997, $70/hour - Pro Tools, Logic Audio, Cubase, Nuendo, Reason, Melodyne

Alexander Marlowe, 310-968-5107, $50/hour - Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, Live, theory, composition.

Jamie, 215-539-7920, $60/hour - Specializes in Cubase, Live and Reaktor

Joe Clar's, Music $25/hour - Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Reason, Garageband, Audio processing with compression, EQ, delay, modulation, distortion, etc.

Michel, 347-429-0961, $40/hour, Cubase tutor

Jimmy, 512-351-1870, $30 to $50/hour - Specializes in Ableton Live

Dave, 754-444-7246, $35/hour – Mostly Cubase 

Chris, (Exeris), $30/hour - Ableton Live, VJ'ing

Byron, 650-969-9778, $40/hour - Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar, GarageBand

Dennis Genovese, 941-661-5616 $25/hour - Specializes in Cubase - PC and Mac.

Saif, 323-633-4107 $?/hour Specialty: Ableton Live 8, Mixing/mastering, sound design, composition, Live performance, and Dj-ing 

Brandon Wabble, 805-451-0314, $20/hour. Electro/Dubstep/House Production, music theory, Reason, Logic, Ableton, Massive, FM8  

Name? 310-402-6497, $45/hour Cubase, Nuendo, Wavelab

Xo, 408-412-9672, $25/hour - Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Max MSP - Mac

Jerold, 928-202-4538, $30/hour – several DAW’s

Sam Daemi, 972-897-6546, $15/hour - Ableton Live and other DAW's

Taylor Campbell, 262-565-3205, $15/hour - Ableton Live and beginner's sound synthesis.

Darren, 520-272-7266, $40/hour – Mostly Pro Tools and Cubase

Sepand, 415-545-3714, $30/hour – Ableton Live and other DAW’s – PC and Mac

Spencer Harmon, 903-450-6924, $15/hour – Logic and Pro Tools – Mac

John, 407-797-8193, $30/hour - Cubase and Live

Dave 949-285-5865, $25/hour – several DAW’s

Don 510-725-9703, $30/hour - PC Pro Tools, Acid, Logic Pro, Abelton, Cubase, Reason, Digital Perfomer, Sonar

Jon Scholl 585-472- 5266, $20/hour - mostly Pro Tools. Cubase, Reason and Sonar. Recording

Chris, 727-512-2071, $20/hour – mostly Pro Tools

John, 407-797-8193, $30/hour – several DAW’s - PC and Mac

Name? 484-366-7266, $50/hour - Ableton Live, Massive, Fm8, Production, Mixing, Mastering

Name? 561-889-4347, $15 to $20/hour - Sibelius, Pro Tools, Cubase, and  Logic Pro

Pierre, 336-997-0110, $?/hour - Pro-Tools, Logic, Digital Performer and Garage Band

Matt, 716-984-5466, $?/hour – Mostly Pro tools – PC and Mac

Outside the USA:

M.M.S. ?/$, Use Skype.  Cubase, Live, Reason, Maschine and more. Manchester U.K.

The Logic Instructor , $30/hour, Specializes in Logic Pro but proficient in Pro Tools , Cubase, Reason, Ableton - Vancouver, Canada

Medwaystudios €30/hour

Colin, 416-565-0856, $?/hour Cubase Canada

Jon 778-867-2814 $35/hour, Pro Tools Logic Reaper Recording Mixing Mastering Microphone Mac PC, Canada -

TonyB £?/hour Cubase U.K.

From an older list (still active?):

Thomas, 919-518-7747, $20/hour - Nuendo/Cubase and Pro Tools

John, 714-425-0522, $40/hour

HW, 818-370-1793,  $?/hour - several DAWs - Pc and Mac

Name? 623-330-0236, $?/hour – Several DAW’s

Dub $?/hour -  - Cakewalk Sonar

Other links

TakeLessons 855-557-9518, have not tried them but if you do please send your comments.  Try George F.?


A note to Tutors:

It would be great if some tutors also tutored VST and VSTi, MFX, VST MIDI fx, etc. such as Kontakt, Reaktor, Omnisphere, Stylus RMX, Absynth, Stylus RMX, Halion, Melodyne, Alchemy, Consequence, Catanya, Harmomy Improvisator, Noatikl, Usine. The list is endless and so are the musicians that need help.


Do your own online national search for a tutor.
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I hope this has helped you.

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